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Memorial Day

Memorial Day has a lot of tradition for me. It’s always about the local parade. Can’t beat those Firemen in their dress blues!! The first time I went to the parade I had just left my husband. My girls were … Continue reading

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Matzoh Balls-Cheese Balls – Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off!

My family celebrates both Passover and Easter. This year my personal work schedule does not allow me to make a Passover Seder. I thought to make it on the Sunday before the official start of the holiday but that day … Continue reading

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A Valentine for Wine Lovers

Okay – can you stand one more of these? I promise this is the last one. But very soon it will be Valentine’s Day and what better than chocolate and wine to celebrate. Let me say that again. Chocolate and … Continue reading

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Champagne and Latkes

This month’s TGTaste could not have come at a better time and could not have been a better choice of wine. What is more festive than champagne? Is there any wine that could possible get you more in the holiday … Continue reading

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In The Mood for a Cabernet

Nothing gets me more in the mood for a glass of wine than holiday shopping at the mall…two weeks before Christmas…. on the eve of Hannukah… in the middle of the afternoon… on a Saturday!! Ugh!!! Guess I am a … Continue reading

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A few weeks ago I experienced a storm that has devastated, destroyed and forever changed the landscape and the lifestyle of a place I call home. Long Island is a place that I have lived and loved my entire life. … Continue reading

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Taking a Break With a Beer on the Boardwalk

I had company coming for dinner on Sunday night. It was the start of the Jewish holidays. I started cooking on Saturday morning. I had a lot on the menu and not a lot of time. Shopping, cleaning, cooking…. It … Continue reading

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From Charoset to Ham

Why is it that the holidays always fall on the same weekend? I make both Passover and Easter and believe me the resulting chaos of swiftly switching from charoset to ham can be daunting. Friday is the first seder. This … Continue reading

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9 Things You Maybe Didn’t Know About New Years!

Nine things you maybe didn’t know about New Years: The celebration of the new year is the oldest of all holidays. It was first observed in ancient Babylon about 4000 years ago. The Babylonians observed the beginning of spring as … Continue reading

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My Own List For Thanksgiving!

This time of year everyone comes up with a helpful to- do list for the holiday. You know the one that says a month before you should figure out the guest list and then goes on to tell you when … Continue reading

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