In The Mood for a Cabernet

Nothing gets me more in the mood for a glass of wine than holiday shopping at the mall…two weeks before Christmas…. on the eve of Hannukah… in the middle of the afternoon… on a Saturday!! Ugh!!! Guess I am a bit of a scrooge in that respect. Nothing pleasant about the experience. Not even the choraleers singing about “The First Night of Christmas” or the cute little kids dressed up for their picture with Santa. Some of them are screaming and I am feeling their pain.

The lines are ridiculous.

The lines for the restrooms and in the Food Court are crazy.

I am dodging and twisting my way through groups of people who seem as though they are out for a stroll in the park.

I admit my impatience.

I spend more time searching for the elusive George as he meanders his way behind me than I do searching for gifts to cross off my list.

This is not fun.

I am suddenly thirsty for a glass of wine. A large glass of wine.

Slowly we make our way down the list.

And back to the car through the sea of other cars where we collapse on the front seat and just look at one another.


Can we go home now, please, to  that glass of wine I’ve been dreaming about that seems as wonderful and life saving as water in the desert.


Joel Gott Cabernet Sauvignon 815 2010. Priced around $20.00

This wine is good enough to make the memory of the past few hours dim and soften in it’s deliciousness. Cherry, plum,  raspberry and spice with hints of cocoa and leather on the finish. A great Cabernet. A very smooth finish. This would be wonderful with some pasta or meat or apres shopping.


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