Taking a Break With a Beer on the Boardwalk

I had company coming for dinner on Sunday night. It was the start of the Jewish holidays. I started cooking on Saturday morning. I had a lot on the menu and not a lot of time. Shopping, cleaning, cooking…. It was 7:30 in the morning on Saturday and I was in the midst of the cooking marathon. Was it too early for wine? Maybe a bit, even for me, no matter how I tried to spin it.

I did what I could and with the promise of a ride on Sunday morning giving me inspiration I managed to get everything done by late Saturday evening.

Table set. Everything in the fridge waiting for the big warm-up.

Sunday came and we headed out.

I had a time deadline. We had to be back by 2pm the latest.

We met some friends for breakfast and then rode into Coney Island for a bike show and a walk on the boardwalk.

I was really looking forward to this. Coney Island was a place that I had enjoyed when I was a kid. My grandmother would take me and my sister there. It always had a big carnival atmosphere and then there was the beach and boardwalk. For a kid, what could be better than that? And there was something always mysterious and cool about the whole place. Under that surface layer of wholesome goodness there was the freak show and who knew what else. You could get into trouble here and there was always something enticing about that. The streets had names like Surf Avenue and Neptune Avenue and Shore Road. I loved every bit of it.

George was thrilled because this was the birthplace of the original Nathan’s hotdog. This was the pilgrimage of his dreams!!

It was still kind of early but the ride and all that water made us thirsty.

We took our cue from Al’s shirt and headed for Paul’s Daughter and a cold one.

We had a beer. And then George and I headed back home. I needed to be a responsible hostess and get my act together. We took a short detour through Brighton Beach. We prayed for light traffic on the Belt Parkway. We made it home with 2 hours to spare. A little stressed  but the morning ride was worth it.  So grateful for everything. I am truly blessed.


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