Matzoh Balls-Cheese Balls – Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off!

My family celebrates both Passover and Easter.

This year my personal work schedule does not allow me to make a Passover Seder. I thought to make it on the Sunday before the official start of the holiday but that day happens to be Palm Sunday. So this year both holidays will cancel each other out.

Not that I won’t be doing something; just that that something does not include a big family gathering for either event.

Sunday I will be making Cheese Balls. In George’s family the holy trinity of foods consists of bread, cheese and eggs. So healthy, yes?? And what better way to follow the no meat tradition of Palm Sunday by combining all three of these ingredients and maybe just a touch of parsley to make it appear healthier. Not really fooling anyone. But it does taste good. So for those of you who have never had these pseudo meatball marvels I will share the simple recipe. It is kind of a grandma recipe. You know – the one where when you ask how to make it they just list the ingredients and tell you to use your best judgement. You will know when it is ready they always say. So here you go- use your judgement. You will know when the consistency is right.

Cheese Balls

Combine breadcrumbs and Parmesan cheese in a 1/3 to 2/3 formula.

Add beaten egg.

Cheese Balls

Parsley and pepper to your liking.

Cheese Balls

Do not add salt – the cheese makes it salty enough.

Mix ingredients together and form meat (cheese) balls.

Cheese Balls

And of course the grand finale to this healthy combination is to fry them up until nicely browned.

Cheese Balls

Add to a simple marinara sauce.

Cheese Balls

And there you have it.

Cheese Balls

Serve these over your favorite pasta.

And what wine pairs with these funky, nutty, salty, savory, buttery morsels? Something  festive – Prosecco!

Ponte Prosecco

This Ponte Prosecco is priced at under $15.00. A bit of floral on the nose, it is fresh and fruity with a hint of lemon and mineral.  It is a good balance for the richness of these cheese balls.

Monday night, in dietary diligence,  I will resign myself to eating a piece of matzoh.


Maybe I will spread a bit of fig preserve on this matzoh and wash it down with some more of the Prosecco- if there is any left!

Happy Easter and Happy Passover!!!


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5 Responses to Matzoh Balls-Cheese Balls – Let’s Call the Whole Thing Off!

  1. Mmmh, those look good. And I like the pairing, too. Passover and Easter.

  2. Looks great and prosecco is my favorite type of bubbly! I’ll have to try Ponte.

  3. Rachel says:

    Try La Marca Prosecco. They sell it at Target for about $11!

  4. wineonmymind says:

    Sounds great but can’t buy wine at Target in NY- all you out -of -towners check it out!!

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