In Praise of Chardonnay

I had eagerly been awaiting my delivery of wines from Passaggio. I dutifully tracked my package on the UPS website. Expected delivery was Thursday.  I waited.  I waited and waited. At 7PM I went on the UPS website again and it still said – on the truck for delivery. I waited. 8PM. No wine. I gave up for the night. Disappointed and not sure what happened; I figured I would call UPS in the morning. At 9PM there was a knock at the door. I peered through the window and saw a figure in brown. WINE!!! Yes!!! Wow,  those guys work late. He told me he still had 8 more stops to make before he could call it a day. Wow and thank you.

Now my biggest decision was which wine I would try first. I had ordered both the Unoaked Chardonnay, of which I had heard so much about, and the Unmarked Code Seven Pinot Noir. I loved the name of that one; kind of mysterious and intriguing.


In the end the Chardonnay won out. I planned on making a nice dinner and doing a little pairing.

We had flounder in a lemon and butter sauce with grilled asparagus and orzo.

passaggio unoaked chardonnay

Most of the time I follow my rule of keeping my wine purchases under $20.00 . This one squeaked in at just over that. Well worth the money. This Chardonnay is a lovely burst of lemon, lime and grapefruit with a hint of pear on the finish. Crisp and bright with great minerality on the nose. I loved this wine. And although I don’t know Cynthia Cosco personally, we’ve talked back and forth on various social media platforms, I feel as though she is a friend. Her warm personality shines through her Passaggio Wines blog and Passaggio Wines website  where you can buy her wines and Passaggio Wine Facebook page in much the same way that the fruit shines through on it’s own in this wine.

I love her story and I am always inspired by a life well lived, a life inspired by passion and the pursuit of one’s dreams. Her motto is “follow your passion”. Passaggio means passageway in Italian. It is an homage to her roots and to her beliefs about life.


So if you know what is good for you and you love a crisp clean Chardonnay, go to her website and order some of her wine. I promise you won’t be disappointed.

Thanks Cynthia for creating this wonderful Chardonnay.

George’s comment- ” Delicious dinner. Nice wine. ”



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  1. Thank you Faith – can’t wait to see what you pair with the Pinot Noir…

  2. wineonmymind says:

    Already thinking of it….

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