Two New Winners From Ghirardelli

My mother is a confirmed chocoholic and sweet lover. I grew up amidst a plethora of Hostess, Drake’s and Entenmann’s products as well as a wide assortment of chocolate bars and candies. Our freezer was always filled with a variety of ice creams. We had hot fudge, sprinkles, whipped cream. marshmallow topping and more. My house was a favorite after school stop for my friends.

So when Thirsty Girl asked me to participate in a TGTaste involving chocolate I immediately knew who my tasting companion would be.

Ghirardelli has come out with two new flavors of which I was fortunate enough to get samples- Mint Cookie and Toffee Crunch.


I invited my mom and daughter over for dinner and surprised them with this dessert sampler.


My first thought when seeing the chocolates was that I loved the fact that they were breakaways. You could savor a square or simply devour as much of the bar as you wanted.


The Mint Cookie was crunchy, minty, creamy and as per the chocolate maven- it had a very good taste!! It was as though the Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookie- always a  favorite- had been transformed into a bar. Absolutely awesome!!! We all agreed on this one.

Next up was the Toffee Crunch. This was so buttery, creamy and smooth tasting. I love butter crunch bars and this reminded me of that treat. I was secretly pleased that George liked the Mint Cookie more since I knew it would rapidly disappear and I would be left with the Toffee Crunch to enjoy over a few nights.

You can find out more about Ghirardelli and all their chocolates here-

Ghirardelli has come up with two winners with these. So glad I could be a part of another Thirsty Girl adventure.

Thanks Thirsty Girl and thanks Ghirardelli for providing these chocolates!


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