My Family Went to Puerto Rico and…

Some of our family moved to Puerto Rico last year. They are loving the Puerto Rican island lifestyle -and they are not at all missing the Long Island lifestyle!! Part of us had hoped they would miss it. But we are happy that they are happy and we were thrilled when they came back for a visit last week.

They brought some little gifts for us. This is what I got…


A little alcoholic punch in a pouch!!

I have seen and tasted wine in a box and Smirnoff makes Pina Colada and Cherry Limeade drinks in a bag. But I was intrigued by the cute packaging of these pouches. Capri Sun- look out- these are perfect for bringing along to the beach or park. They even come with their own straw. You can freeze them and make your own little slushie or just drink them ice cold from the fridge or cooler. Alcohol included.

Gasolina Urban Blends comes in six flavors including – Original !Tu Madras! Pink Martini, Mojito, Sea Breeze and Sangriiia. I got the Original, Sangriia and the Sea Breeze.



The iTu Madras! was the stronger of the ones I had. I could definitely taste the passion fruit.


I am not sure exactly what I expected this to taste like but it was my least favorite.


The Sea Breeze was the clear winner for me. Lighter than the other two,  the grapefruit and cranberry balanced out the vodka nicely.

They are surprisingly smooth drinking.

Unbreakable, easy to tote and easy to drink. They come in a 200ml aluminum pouch. Right now, other than Puerto Rico, they can be found in Florida. You can buy them individually or by the box or case. Perfect for a large group. Throw them in a cooler and go. I think they will be successful in making their push north and west of that. Alcohol content varies from 7.5% to 11%.  Party in a Pouch is their slogan.

Guys – you know what to bring me next time you come to New York!


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11 Responses to My Family Went to Puerto Rico and…

  1. Hello, I enjoyed your article about the Gasolina drinks. I remember the first I went to Puerto Rico in 2012, I thought, this is a crazy drink!

  2. Dale Stone says:

    Haven’t seen it in South FL. But I will look 4 them the next time I go!

  3. I actually really like the frozen pouch drinks – we refer to them as adult popsicles – with that said, I will admit that I might have them on occasion well before noon. Cheers!!!

  4. Adult “Capri Sun” drinks – Love it!!!

  5. Like the Capri Sun juices I used to buy my kids! These adult versions are awesome 🙂

  6. wineonmymind says:

    Exactly – one for the kiddies and one for us!!!

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