Making the Moonshine!

Last weekend we went down to the Jersey Shore with some friends. We go every year. It has become something of a tradition. Invariably the weather leaves something to be desired.


But the weather is not what it’s about; although it would make the 3 hour ride on the bike much more tolerable. This year we got smart and took the car down.


And that gave me the opportunity to bring down a little something I cooked up on the side. That’s right -I cooked up some moonshine! I found the recipe in the May edition of Bon Appetit.

It is very simple. So easy to make and dangerously easy to drink.

All you need are dried peaches, canned peaches in heavy syrup and the beverage of your choice, vodka or what I used – white whiskey.

MOONSHINEPour the canned peaches and the syrup into a glass jar and add one cup of cut up dried peaches and one 750ml bottle of vodka or whiskey.


Cover and let stand at room temperature for at least one day and up to one week. Strain into the reserved bottle. The recipe said to discard the solids but we tasted them and wow were they powerful. We decided to freeze them and save them for another day. ( maybe an awesome addition to some homemade Sangria?? )

I poured the Peach Infused Moonshine into a travel safe container and brought it down to Wildwood.


The reaction it got was surprising. Not everyone wanted to try it- thanks, Doug, for making urine specimen jokes! And not everyone likes whiskey. But George and I loved it!

We mixed it with a little club soda. It is a wonderful, subtly sweet, lightly fruity, easy to down delight.

MOONSHINEWe just might finish the rest of it this rain filled New York weekend.

Here is the recipe if you would like to try some yourself.


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3 Responses to Making the Moonshine!

  1. What a fun recipe! I just might need to give it a try 🙂

  2. My son-in-law has been making some moonshine but I think he has to cook the juice/cider that he adds to his. Our favorite is the “Apple Pie” version with apples and cinnamon. I haven’t tried the peach yet.

  3. wineonmymind says:

    This was an easy no cook version that screams long summer nights!!

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