Loving My Weekend- New York Wine Expo Style!!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis Saturday I attended the New York Wine Expo. Hundreds of wines to taste and some interesting foods to sample.

We got there just as the Expo opened on Saturday and for that first hour it was not as crowded as it got a bit later. It gave us a little more time to talk to some of the vintners that were there.

We had some interesting and different wines. I had two personal favorites and I must admit I went back to try them both more than once.

The first was Passages Pinotage 2011. This wine is a very unique wine that is only created in South Africa. It is a cross between Pinot Noir and Hermitage. On the nose there is wonderful dark chocolate and spice. Take a sip and there is chocolate, plum, cherry and spice. Absolutely delicious and very different.


I loved this wine. Here is a word from their website that explains the name Passages- “Our passages through life have been often serendipitous, many times sweet, and always soul-satisfying. We have drunk from the waters and the wines of the world, settling in South Africa, where its people have enhanced our taste for all things good. Our wine, Passages, speaks to our embrace of new people, places and things, and our desire to share the joy of our ongoing journey to the horizons”. Love that!!!

Next was an Amarone from Corte Moschina that was absolutely scrumptious!


Full bodied and fabulously intensely flavored, this wine will rock your world!! Very dark, very ripe and fruit filled with warm spices. Magic in a bottle!

Let me share some pictures with you and maybe next time you will get to be there in person.













So very glad to have had this opportunity to be an official blogger for the New York
Wine Expo!

Just a side note- the very next day I went to the Javits Center again for the International Restaurant and Food Show. Oh my!! Don’t know why I bothered to eat breakfast because I ate my way through this show and had a blast!!


Loving my weekend- wine and food galore!! What could be better! And I got to share it with my sister and George! Very grateful for my life!! Cheers!


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  1. Great article, Faith! Very impressed that you were invited as an official blogger for the EXPO – ehat an honor! Love your descriptors for your favorite wines – must put them on my “to buy” list. It looks like everybody had a ball.

  2. Emily says:

    Looks like so much fun!!

  3. Great article…looks like a great time with some awesome food and great wines…

  4. Nice piece. I especially enjoyed what you had to say about the Passages Pinotage.

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