Skinny Packs a Punch!

So glad to have made it to the Thirsty Girl TGTaste this week. The wines were provided as samples by Skinny Vine. I love these Twitter chats. I love the conversation and I love the opportunity to taste wines that I may not have been aware of.

I am not so sure I would have tried these wines on my own. I would have assumed that Skinny Vine sacrificed flavor in order to lower calories. Boy, would I have been wrong.

I am not much of a calorie watcher but who would not want to give up a few calories and be able to indulge without guilt. This is the season for food and festivities and these wines arrived at the perfect time.

I greedily opened the Slim Chardonnay and sipped it while making dinner. Paired it with some potato chips while cooking up something fattening.

I let George try a glass of this one. He really loved it. He was surprised when I told him it was a low cal wine. Now, if you know George, you know he is not a low cal anything guy. It’s kind of why I love him.

This was our favorite of the three. It is very fruit driven. Lots of stone fruit and vanilla. A bit of oak. A great sipper. And best of all —The Slim Chardonnay is only 86 calories per 5oz serving. Yes!!

Dinner was not low cal. We had some chicken cutlets and baked potatoes. We paired that with the Thin Zin.  The Skinny Vine Thin Zin is 89 calories per 5oz serving. Berries, melon and citrus.

Loved the gorgeous color of this wine. It was fruity and fabulous.

Last was the Mini Moscato. The Mini Moscato is only 95 calories per 5oz serving. Sweet and clean and crisp.  Apple, pear and peach with refreshing acidity.  A great dessert wine.

How do Skinny Vine wines get so skinny? They use a simple filtration process that removes some of the alcohol and some of the calories with it! Watch the video and check out their website.

Thanks again Thirsty Girl for a fun evening and an excuse to drink wine. Oh wait, not sure I need an excuse. I just love wine!


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