Brancott Estate at The Beach House Restaurant

I dread the bite of winter and savor the lingering warmth of Indian summer.

We took a tour on the bike along the South Shore of Long Island and ended up in Patchogue. If you know Long Island,  then you know that there are many clam shacks and restaurants hidden along the shoreline. Finding them is part of the fun. We took Grove Street off of Montauk Highway and followed it south to the water. There is a marina and boat ramp here and next to it is the Beach House Restaurant. This is a place that is meant to be shared. We will definitely be back with friends. We took a seat outside on the deck.

Love this guy!!

We had a great waitress. She happily shared her opinions on the menu and the popularity of the place. We ordered our drinks- a beer for George and a glass of Brancott Estate Sauvignon Blanc for me.

I liked this wine. It was dry and medium bodied. Pale yellow in color. Lots of grapefruit and lime on the nose. Perfect for boat watching!

We shared the corn fritters.

Anytime I can eat corn fritters that I don’t have to make I am ahead of the game. I love to eat them but hate the tension of waiting for exploding kernels. One time I made them and the barrage of bursting corn and subsequent hot oil chaser gave me 2nd degree burns. I called my dad to come over and help me put cold compresses on my arm. He awkwardly handed me a cold wet towel and asked if I minded if he ate some of the fritters.

Anyway, back to these fritters. They were tender and delicious bite sized little morsels. Sweet and creamy with corn crunch. They came with a horseradish dipping sauce.

We ordered another round of drinks and the oversized lobster roll.  I love lobster roll. And I love when I can find a good one.  This was it.

Chunks of lobster, celery and red onion. Just enough mayo to hold it together and a toasted roll. Perfect!

Love this little restaurant. On weekends there is live music. They hope to stay open through most of the winter. I hope they do too. I don’t want to have to wait until April to come back.

The temperature dropped as we rode home. It really is fall and winter is on it’s way.

Almost time to put the bikes to bed.


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