My Beef With Bar Snacks

Recently I have taken an informal survey into what I call the bar snack situation. Bar snacks are meant to whet the appetite. They are meant to be crunchy, salty, crisp or savory or any combination of these. Chicken wings are not bar snacks. Homemade potato chips are. Chex mix qualifies but is not terribly ambitious. Peanuts fresh from the jar, yes, they count. But bourbon pecans win. A little creativity goes a long way. Bar snacks are not meant to be complicated.

All too often I find none are offered. When you ask for them , and you shouldn’t have to ask, you get a look and then the offer of a menu. I understand that a bar would rather I order an appetizer but that is not the same thing. I might order the appetizer anyway … or dinner. But what I really want with my drink is a crunchy counterpoint. No fork or knife required. Ability to share- absolutely! Much more fun that way!  I love bar snacks. I will drink more if you offer them. Guaranteed! And isn’t that what you really want from me anyway?

Bartenders- bar owners- take note!!!!

Zucchini chips–

Mini rice balls–

Bourbon pecans–

And some not too difficult recipes for a few others.

I realize these might take too much work – but please offer me more than stale pretzels from a long forgotten bag hidden under the counter. A little thought. A little caring. Being a good host. Isn’t that what the hospitality industry is all about?

I promise to order more than one drink!


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