HandCrafted with Love!


It must be that Thirsty Girl yearning for excitement that stirs up the wild weather each time I do a TGTaste.

This month it was a tornado watch and wicked winds; the perfect backdrop for a warm and cozy night in with some fabulous wine. The motto for HandCraft Wines is true Thirsty Girl – “Crafted by Tradition. Inspired by Life”. Fantastic! I was loving the wines already.

I decided to go easy on myself and treat George to a little antipasto for dinner.

We paired this with the Pinot Noir. This wine was wonderful with the gamey funkadeliciousness  of the hot and sweet sausage, prosciutto and the Parmesan. Loads of black cherry, vanilla  and spice and a nice long finish. This wine is a blend of 76%Pinot Noir9%Tempranillo6%Petit Verdot6%Sangiovese and 3%Petite Sirah.

I figured that was enough for George. I didn’t want to overwhelm him with my wine tasting questions so later when he was upstairs watching TV I opened the Petit Sirah. Oh yes!!! I loved this one as a sipper. Blueberry, chocolate and spice. Need I say more? A keeper. Perfect to drink alone with a stash of chocolate or to share with friends.

Both of these wines come in at under $15.00- a steal!! Grab them when you can and enjoy some HandCrafted goodness.

Thanks again to Thirsty Girl and TGTaste for inspiring us to try some new wines and thanks to HandCraft Wines for supplying us with these tasty free samples!!Love the tweeting and tasting and sharing notes with virtual wine buddies!



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