Erath Wines – A Pairing in Two Parts

Another fantastic TGTaste on Twitter! This one was the most fun by far. More people tasting and tweeting than ever before. The wines were supplied as free samples by Erath Winery. The wines we tasted were Pinot Gris and Pinot Noir. Two Pinots – both easy drinking wines. By the way- I love the screw tops on these. I am loving screw tops more and more.  I sampled these in two parts.

The first night we tried the Pinot Gris. I paired it with lemon sole and orzo with zucchini.

This wine was so light and crisp and refreshing. I got a blast of lemon and melon and I think even some pineapple. It was lovely with the sole. Nice finish with lingering tastes of lemon and lime. George’s take was – “Wine’s good.”

That was big for George. He actually poured a second glass. Kudos to Erath Winery for that!

George was so pleased with himself as wine critic that I was a little reticent about having him taste a second night in a row and with a wine varietal that I knew he would not voluntarily drink.

I bribed him with some pizza with pepperoni and peppers. And he liked it. The Pinot Noir was beautiful in the glass: a pleasingly light cherry color. The wine was fruity with lots of tart cherry and plum. This was a keeper and my favorite. I will keep it in mind for Thanksgiving.

I still wanted to try the Pinot Noir with another dinner. I had more time the second night and made what I call ” Greek Burgers”.

These burgers involve feta, roasted red peppers, garlic and chopped meat.

I couldn’t tell you the exact measurements. It is more a look and feel type of thing. But the list of ingredients is as follows:

fresh bread crumbs


chopped fresh garlic

chopped roasted red pepper

feta cheese

parmesan cheese

chopped meat- the recipe came to me using ground chicken but I always use ground chuck

salt and pepper to taste

combine all of the above

cook on the grill

serve on toasted whole grain English muffins with garlic aoli and tomato

And this my friends, was heaven! The Pinot Noir and the burgers paired in a glorious umami mouthfeel. Perfection!

Loved these two wines! Many thanks to Thirsty Girl for allowing me to be a part of another TGTaste and especially thanks to Erath Winery for creating these delicious wines. It was such fun sipping and tweeting and sharing the love of wine with some wonderful people.


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