School Night Rule

George’s job requires him to get up very early every day. We have a long standing “no going out on a school night” rule. After realizing that the summer was quickly slipping away and that we had not been out all that much, we broke our rule. It was August first! Summer was half over!

We decided to go to Bike Night at the Porthole.

It was a very quiet Wednesday night. The only people in the place seemed to be our friends. We took a seat at the bar and shared some Happy Hour drinks and food.

Now let me first say that I love , love , love drinking and eating at the bar. For me,  it is the place to be.  I love the fact that I can sit right next to George. I love the camaraderie that we can share with our fellow bar sitters. I love the intimacy. I love looking at what other people are drinking. I love watching the bartender do their thing. Well, I think you get it by now…I love it!

The small bar was a welcome place to be. It glowed with friendship and warmth.

We drank. We ate. We caught up with one another. It was a wonderful night.

We went home thinking that we might have to break the rule a few more times.


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