The Challenge!

Life is just full of challenges. Some are big and infrequent. Most are the small ones we face day to day.
I recently took on a big new responsibility and have been struggling to meet the challenge of taking care of everything I need to take care of. I have been trying to juggle and reorganize my daily schedule to fit everything in. Things that were not ordinarily a challenge have become one. I find myself so short of time. Dinner is a challenge. Exercise is a challenge. Taking care of the dog and the house and my business… You get it! We all do this.
In the middle of all this my back went out.
Now I would have to manage to schedule real exercise back in my life.
I used to think that walking the dog 3 miles a day was sufficient. But then I came to realize that he sniffed and marked so much that our 3 mile extravaganza worked out to something like a 30 minute mile. Hardly a sweat breaker. Thanks Mickey .
So something else was in order.
I couldn’t figure out how to squeeze the gym into my day.
I went online and bought an exercise bike. A serious exercise bike like the ones in spin class.
It arrived the other day.

It sat in my living room and so the first challenge became the one of putting it together .
I wondered if the “easy assembly” promised would be just that. I wondered if the box would sit in my living room for an extended period of time. But much to my surprise, on
Sunday afternoon George and  Vincent  brought it upstairs and put it together.

Wine Spectator takes on a whole new meaning!!
It took about a half an hour. Amazing!

After they met their challenge they both promptly fell asleep for  a few hours. George upstairs and Vincent downstairs on the  couch.
Wow – that bike already was fulfilling it’s promise of a good workout!
Next… The real challenge! My challenge!
6 AM

The bike and I squared off.
Ugh! It was would have been easy to talk myself into hitting the snooze button.
Or starting tomorrow .
Or having a cup of coffee first.
I got up.
Put on my sneakers.
Grabbed a bottle of water.
I went for it.

Loved my new bike.

On to face the day.
Thirteen hours later, I arrived home exhausted.
George and Brittany surprised me with dinner already made- my favorite kind !!
And they had poured me a glass of a wonderful Rose. Cellier Contemporains Cinsault Rose 2010.

Priced at under $10. This wine has loads of summer fruit on the nose and lots of strawberry, cherry, raspberry and melon in the mouth. It has a long clean finish and terrific minerality. I had a second glass.

Cheers to life and it’s challenges.


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Hi- My name is Faith Brickel. I hope you will take the journey with me as I explore things wine and food related. Let's celebrate life together!!
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  1. Good for you with the biking! Every day forward is another day under your belt and another reason to stick with it!

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