Finally Friday!!

It’s been a rough two weeks. I had to trade wine for pain meds. I added some new and stressful things to my life and had to figure out how to time manage it all. Not fun. So I had been longing for a little down time. Last night I finally got it.

I promised everyone I would not go on the bike until my back was all healed. But the night was warm and clear. It was Friday. And as I said – it had been a LONG two weeks.

I had put off doing so many things while I nursed my aching back. The weekend promised to be full of errands and chores and work that had been neglected.

I needed Friday. And sometimes Friday is more a state of mind than an actual day.

So we did get on the bike. We rode to Michael’s Porthole in Oceanside, New York.

It’s a great little bar/ restaurant right on the water. There are lots of these places here on Long Island. I love every one. The Porthole has a big deck in the back that overlooks the canal. Boats pull in and out. You can eat dinner, watch the water and the sunset and listen to live music. What is better than that?

Of course we had to have some raw clams and oysters as an appetizer.

We hung out for awhile. Just relaxing. Service was a little on the slow side; something that would ordinarily annoy me but on this night that worked for us.

We ordered dinner. Lobster paella for me and steak tidbits for George.

After dinner we sat some more. We enjoyed a little after dinner cigar. The band started to play.

I don’t even remember their name. But it doesn’t matter. We ran into some friends.  It was the perfect nondescript night. It numbed the pain of the preceding week. It was just what the doctor ordered. And yes- it was finally Friday!!


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  1. The place sounds like heaven!! Hope ur feeling better!

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