Life Is Too Short For Regrets or Bad Wine

Someone in our family just made a huge life altering decision. They shall remain nameless. They know who they are. They are off on a grand adventure to a new and wonderful life.

Anytime you have to make a decision like that it is never easy. And you can never be 100% sure. But after you have made your lists, you know, the famous pro and con lists, you just have to go for it. You always have that little niggling of doubt in the back of your mind. That annoying little, tiny voice that just refuses to stop talking, well sometimes you have to pretend you can’t hear it. And who wouldn’t want to live among the palm trees with the whisper of the ocean close by. Keep peddling. Don’t look down.

Life is way too short and precious to fill with regrets and all those should have, could have, would haves. Who cares what anyone else thinks. If it doesn’t work out there is always the next thing. You can always regroup. Try again. Something else. Something new. Something different. You really only have to answer to yourself. Keep peddling. Don’t look down.

Life is full of letting goes. It is hard to let go. But it is important to do just that. Sometimes the letting goes are small. Sometimes the letting goes are so big they hurt.

We will always be here running right behind you, ready if you need us.

So you guys- we love you. Keep peddling. Don’t look down and pretty soon you’ll find that you are flying.

Raising a glass of a fabulous Chandon Rose Sparkling Wine to you! This wine is like an incredible veritable fruit basket of flavor. On the nose there is strawberry, raspberry and a hint of vanilla. And in the mouth…watermelon, cherry and pear. Very creamy. Absolutely lovely and priced at around $17


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  1. Taina says:

    Beautiful words to live by! That sparkling wine sounds lovely as well.

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