Begonias and Bordeaux

My mother’s hands have NEVER touched a drop of soil- EVER!!! But she” loves nature ” so every year she supervises ” The Planting of the Begonias ” ! This, of course, involves me planting and she directing.

It always starts with a visit to the nursery.

This is where my mother carefully inspects each plant for color and size. Two reds, two peaches, two whites and two yellows…the same plants and colors every year. I once worked with a woman who, each year, planted red and white impatiens. Three red, three white, three red and so on in that order year after year. My mother is kind of like that.

Normally here is what happens- she picks out her eight begonias.

I carefully load them into the car.

We arrange them in the bed in front of her house.

I plant them.

I go home and pour a huge glass of wine.

This year, in an end to our tradition, there were no begonias that she liked. No begonias. In an entire nursery. None.







Oh no!

Mom,  I implored, Mom there are begonias over here. Too small. But look over here- there are some over here. No, too big. I started to feel like Goldilocks! And finally none was just right. Oh my!!

And that was the end of our adventure and our quest to fill the four feet of earth in front of her house.

She made me ask the man in aisle 4 when they were getting in more begonias. And yes, I will have to repeat this journey one more time. In two days to be exact.

I drove her home.

I dropped her off.

I went home and quickly poured a glass of Chateau La Graviere Entre Deux  Mers 2009

Wonderful wine. Under $15. Grapes : 50% Semillon 40% Sauvignon 10% Muscadelle

This is a terrific sipper. This wine explodes with flavor like a lemon bomb going off in your mouth. Great minerality with notes of lemon and melon and bit of grassiness. Fabulously fruity and elegant. Love this wine.

Perfect for apres mom!!

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