Thank You Chateau Ste. Michelle and Thirsty Girl!

I was fortunate to be included in this week’s TGTaste of Riesling. The wines, provided as samples by Chateau Ste. Michelle, were Dry Riesling, Eroica and Harvest Select Sweet Riesling. I love these TGTastes. For me, it is an opportunity not just to sample a wine but a chance to taste virtually with like minded people and get some education on a variety I may not have had much experience with. It is a chance to widen my wine horizon!

The wines!

While everyone was creatively working on elegant and intricate food pairings for tonight’s Chateau Ste. Michelle and TGTaste and while I was busily planning a menu consisting of Chinese food, George was secretly harboring plans to eat hotdogs and pasta salad. If I could use any word to describe myself it would be that I am very spontaneous. I was willing to acquiesce to George’s craving but I was disappointed not to be eating the same dinner. Many nights I prepare George’s idea of a gourmet feast and then prepare an entirely other dinner for myself. Some times it feels kind of lonely but not in a bad way as we still enjoy a meal together – just not the same meal!! And so tonight when I was looking for his input into the tasting I realized that he could still do that- but his tasting would be quite different than mine.

We both picked at some fresh mozzarella and olives while sampling the Dry Riesling and waiting for my dinner to arrive.

This wine is absolutely delicious. I poured it chilled but as it sat for a bit it opened up and we tasted more and more  wonderful peach and  apricot.  Crisp with great acidity this wine had a slight effervescence to it. The mild and creamy cheese and the pungent bite of the olives paired well with this wine. It was my personal favorite and I could easily see myself sipping this on a summer’s night and hanging out on the deck.

I did a little mis en place-

and plated my dinner!

First up were the steamed shrimp dumplings.  I had some more of the Dry Riesling with this. I liked this particular wine more and more. George liked this one the best as well.

His descriptors were – ” Nice! ” When I asked for more input he said, ” It’s good. ” Love that guy!

Next was the main course and we had the Eroica with this.

I had Spicy Scallops and Shrimp with Asparagus. And George…

The Eroica is aptly named for the Beethoven symphony that, to quote from Wikipedia,  is the” mature expression of the classical style “.  I did not get the reference until someone mentioned it as I am more a classic rock lover than a classical music lover!! This Riesling is very well balanced, bright and full of minerality. I got orange and lime and peach. Another Chateau Ste. Michelle winner!  This one was the most expensive of the three samples coming in at around $20. It was terrific with the spicy food. I could see pairing this with shrimp in green sauce or raw oysters. Or Thai food. I think it is an equal opportunity wine that pairs well with most food. I will definitely try this again. I was disappointed that my Riesling loving daughter couldn’t make it out mid week from the city to sample with me. But I saved the second set of bottles for her visit out this weekend.

Mickey hung around the kitchen hoping for a surreptitiously dropped piece of hotdog. George – I asked you not to do that!! LOL!

The third wine was the Harvest Select Sweet Riesling. This was more in keeping with what I think of when I think Riesling. Surprisingly to me,  I enjoyed this wine as well. I paired it with my fortune cookies. Sweeter than the others, it had notes of peach and pear. Lots of ripe fruit here and a long finish. George gave up before we came to this one. I really think that this one would have been his favorite.

I loved these three wines and the fact that while all were Riesling they all were different. I definitely will be adding Riesling to my wine repertoire. And I know now that I can enjoy Riesling and that this varietal can include the drier, crisper wines that are actually my preference. Crisp, dry, lively minerality: these Rieslings fit the bill.

Thank you Chateau Ste. Michelle and Thirsty Girl for another amazing opportunity!

Looking forward to the next tasting!


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