Bagels,Bike Blessings and Bordeaux

This past Sunday was the monthly HOG ( Harley Owner’s Group ) meeting. One thing bikers love to do is eat and every meeting involves plenty of bagels and coffee prepared for us by our lovely Loretta. After the meeting there is always a ride. And the ride always ends with lunch.

This week’s ride was special. Number One- it was led by our favorite ride leader and good friend, Al. Number Two – it was the annual Bike Blessing Ride. This one always gets a big turnout. And Number Three- the ride ended with free pizza and drinks!! A winner all the way!

Rolling out - 43 bikes!!

The ride took us on some gorgeous two lane roads. Read lots of winding hills…

We ended up at a fish hatchery and a bike blessing with Reverend Luke and his crew.

That is Al - in the middle!

The prayers offered were beautiful and it was made even more special by praying together with our HOG family.

It had been a few hours since breakfast so with blessing completed we hurriedly rode for lunch.

After lunch the ride was officially over and we headed for home.

Long day riding in the sun. We rode Saturday as well. It was good to end the weekend in the backyard with our feet up and our drinks of choice. George had a cold beer and as for me, I had a glass of a lovely Barons de Rothschild  Collection Reserve Speciale Bordeaux 2010. Intense and aromatic with lots of pear and pineapple. This wine is priced at under $15.


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