Macy’s Flower Show Rocks Brazil

I love the Macy’s Flower Show. It always comes at a time when I need some inspiring. Winter is winding it’s way down and Spring is officially here but is still feeling a little shy. The displays are awe inspiring. I only wish my garden was half as good looking as these power packed punches of color.

I usually meet my daughter, Emily, and we get lost in the floral fantasy for an hour and then do lunch.

This year Macy’s Herald Square, that iconic superstore, is undergoing a major renovation. When it is completed sometime in September the shoe department will encompass the entire second floor and will be accompanied by a chocolate bar, an espresso bar and a CHAMPAGNE bar!!! Yes. Shoes and champagne! What more could any girl want? My idea of heaven for sure! I will definitely be making a pilgrimage to that floor when it opens and I know that Emily will be a very willing accomplice. So this year the display was somewhat downsized and was installed in a tent outside.  The theme was Brazil and samba music was being broadcast in the street and tent. Macy’s windows were all done up with flowers and mannequins dressed in their Carnival finest. So incredibly gorgeous!

Herald Square was filled with tourists taking pictures of themselves and the windows. It was a fabulous New York moment. Sometimes I forget to appreciate how lucky I am to live in this city. There is truly nothing like New York when it is in it’s glory.

It may have been a little rainy outside but inside it was bliss.

After we got our flower fix we went to lunch. We went to Lugo Caffe.

A little taste of Italy. In hindsight I realized that in keeping with the Flower Show theme maybe we should have gone for Brazilian Barbeque. Oh well, there is always next time.

They had a pretty nice wine list. We had a glass of Prosecco and checked out the menu. All those flowers made me realize pool season will be here very soon. I felt a little restraint might be in order. We ate some salad and grilled shrimp. The pizzas and pastas were so tempting but I stayed strong!

It was delicious. Light and satisfying.  If you are looking for a cute, casual place to eat near Penn Station then Lugo Caffe is a good choice.

It was a fun afternoon with my daughter. I always enjoy her company.

After lunch we went our separate ways.

I look forward to our next day together.


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