Blueberry Pancakes Are Good For Your Memory

Pancakes always remind me of my beloved grandparents. I especially love blueberry pancakes.

I grew up in a house where my mother never knew that PopTarts were supposed to be toasted before eating.  My mother served them raw. She is what you would call culinarily challenged.  So on those special Sundays when my grandmother would call and say she was heating up the griddle and making my grandfather’s favorite breakfast  I would hop on my bicycle and peddle furiously to get there before the first pancake hit the plate.

He had a method to eating them. Stack of three. Butter the top pancake in the stack. Flip that pancake and the one under it over and butter the new top pancake.  Now flip that top one over. Then butter the new top pancake .  Now you had buttered all the layers of pancake and the whole fragrant steaming stack was ready for syrup. Yum! It was a work of art created by a true pancake aficionado.

He taught me well. I cannot eat pancakes without following this ritual.

My grandmother made it look so easy to make the perfect pancake. ( I don’t ever recall her actually eating any of them- she preferred dry toast and tea). When she passed away I asked if I could have her griddle. My pancakes came out good but never quite had the same taste as hers. Maybe it’s just memory that made them taste so good.  I tried to recreate that memory for my girls. Their tastes ran to chocolate chip silver dollar pancakes. I hope their memories are as good as mine.  Nowadays hardly anyone makes them from scratch. Diner pancakes always seem too big and thick and cakey. My grandmother’s were always relatively  thin and perfectly browned. Every once and a while I order some for breakfast instead of my usual eggs. I am invariably disappointed.

So when we recently discovered the Silvermoon Diner in Queens Village, NY I decided to put them to my gold standard test and try the pancakes. Blueberry pancakes.

They were fantastic. Perfectly browned. Thin. An abundance of fresh blueberries. They looked and smelled just like my grandmother’s old fashioned made from scratch pancakes.

Butter, flip, butter, flip, butter, devour!

The only thing missing was real syrup. They used those fake little plastic tubs of breakfast syrup. Not maple. Not made from anything real. 100% artificial breakfast syrup. Eugh!

It took away from the whole experience. It took away from the delicate taste of the pancakes. It seemed so wrong to slather them in this stuff. Next time I eat here for breakfast I am bringing my own syrup. It will be heaven. I can hardly wait to savor the decadence of perfectly made pancakes stuffed full of fresh, plump, juicy, warm blueberries and real maple syrup. Oh! It is going to feel as though I need to bicycle my way there and back just to burn some of those wonderful calories I will be packing on. I can’t wait.  Maybe we can eat there again tomorrow.

Here is a link to a recipe that turns out pancakes as good as my grandmother’s. They are really pretty easy to whip up and taste so much better than the Bisquick variety.  Enjoy with coffee and maybe a mimosa or too!

Here’s to making memories!


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4 Responses to Blueberry Pancakes Are Good For Your Memory

  1. orsay54 says:

    Damn and I am on a diet!..sigh! My favorite pancakes!!!
    Pop Tarts a blast from the past!

  2. orsay54 says:

    Damn and I am on a diet! On May first I will have my blueberry pancakes!!
    Pop tarts a blast form my past!!!!

  3. orsay54 says:

    BTW, thanks for your recipe!

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