Time for a New Coffee Maker

Well I hate to admit it but it is time for a new coffeemaker. A few months ago the ON light stopped working. The machine went on but the light did not. The only way to know if it was on or off was to push the timer light. If that was green then the machine was off. George could never follow my logic in this and so he would just pull the plug. This way he knew for sure the machine was off. Then if I wanted to set it with the timer I would have to reprogram the time. Very annoying and a lot of effort spent for a simple function. I don’t require much of a coffeemaker. I just want it to go on before I awake so that when I stumble downstairs and into the kitchen I only have to remember to grab a coffee mug and pour. I need immediate gratification when it comes to morning coffee. I don’t even drink it the rest of the day. But the morning – ah, that is another matter entirely. I definitely subscribe to the belief that there is no life before coffee.

Last night even my previously fail safe method of determining ON and OFF did not work. I pushed the timer button on and off a few times. No light! I started to panic. How will I know if it will work?  How will I know if it is set? I pushed it on and off a few more times and then gave up. I hoped it was on even though the light did not go on.  Please be on!!!

This morning, not being quite awake and having forgotten about my ordeal last night,  I entered the kitchen, grabbed a mug and …. nothing! No coffee!! Oh no. I  immediately thought of running out to Dunkin Donuts. Should I get dressed? Should I shower? No,  a mad dash to DD was called for. I tried again to push the button for ON. I was getting frantic now.  If it didn’t work now I would have to run out immediately. And then finally I heard the little puff of steam that indicated COFFEE was coming! Yes!!!

Slowly coming. Very slowly. This was why I loved the timer action. I did not have to wait for coffee. It was just there when I woke up.  Sometimes I even like to lie in bed for a minute and just inhale. Coffee. Yes. All is right with my world. But today this did not happen and I realized I would have to buy a new coffeemaker.

Right after my two cups of morning sustenance I went to the store in search of a replacement machine. I did not have very many requirements. Actually I only had two requirements – on, off and corresponding buttons that lit up. Oh and one more – a timer function.

Now I will tell you that George makes fun of me because I always make the same amount of coffee. It doesn’t matter if I need one cup or 8. That is because I am mathematically challenged. I get anxiety when I have to use my 40 cup percolator because I just know that some complicated math equations will be called for. I already know how many spoonfuls of coffee are required to produce the perfect tasting cup for my morning routine. Why sweat over how many cups I actually need. I make the same 10 cups every day whether I need them or not.  My coffee mug is over sized and I drink two mugs full every morning, but I do pour coffee down the sink everyday. I know it is wasteful but heck, I am not perfect. Why mess with a formula that works?

See I knew math would be involved…

I like the last line – “use more or less coffee to suit your taste”. See George- I think they just gave me a license to make the daily full pot. Oh – that’s not what they meant?

Beautiful! I love this thing! You can keep your Keurig one cups. I will take this coffee maker. Cheers to an excess of coffee! You never know when you will need that third cup.


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  1. Love this post…I felt your anxiety – LOL…I too have to have two mugs of coffee in the morning but I have to have a special creamer (International Delight French Vanilla) – If I don’t have that creamer I have to run out to the store. I try to keep several in the freezer…LOL



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