Chocolate Shop Wine and Some Virtual Sipping Buddies

When Thirsty Girl asked me if I would be interested in participating in a virtual Twitter Taste for Chocolate Shop Wine I jumped on the opportunity. I never did a virtual tasting before and the idea of chocolate wine was intriguing to me. I eagerly awaited my sample of Chocolate Shop Wine and looked forward to sipping with virtual wine loving buddies.

Two bottles- heaven!! And a personal note from the winemaker – nice touch!

Now I had to come up with a pairing menu for the wine.

I saw that Chocolate Shop Wine had a recipe for tiramisu. I was feeling ambitious and so I printed it out and went about collecting ingredients in preparation for the big night.

Lucky for me we happened to go to Arthur Avenue, the Little Italy of the Bronx.

I love the market there. I picked up some ladyfingers,  cocoa and mascarpone cheese.

There is really not much that goes into tiramisu. It sounds intimidating but is relatively easy to make.

The recipe used English measurements and some English terminology that I wasn’t too sure of. I put in a call to my pastry chef daughter for clarification. I updated the recipe for you with her translation.  The link is at the bottom of this post.

I sifted the sugar into the mascarpone and beat in the vanilla extract and wine.

Since the bottle was open…I snuck a taste of the wine. I always like to take advantage of an  opportunity.  Nice!! Not too sweet.  Great chocolate and dark cherry taste. It had an aroma of hot chocolate.

I beat the heavy cream and then added it into the mascarpone mixture.

Next I broke up the ladyfingers, dipped them in the coffee and layered them in a dish.

I scooped the mascarpone mixture on top of them and dusted with cocoa. I didn’t use the grated chocolate the recipe called for.

I had some extra mascapone mixture left over and I greedily scooped some up with a ladyfinger.

Cool, light and creamy with a subtle taste of chocolate and cherry and coffee. I loved it. It is not an overly sweet dessert and if you’ve had a big meal this would be the perfect ending.

Mickey hoped that George would drop some of the tiramisu- no such luck!!

George loved both the wine and the tiramisu.

On to the Thirsty Girl twitter tasting. I poured myself another glass and sat down to chat.

It was a little disconcerting trying to keep up with the tweets, retweets and mentions while constantly refreshing my screen. But it sure was fun listening to all the delicious and amazing pairings people had prepared. And I loved being a part of it.

I was very pleasantly surprised by this wine. I am not a sweet lover and would never have tried this on my own. However now that I have tasted it I will be certain to add it to my dessert wine repertoire.  Or if you are feeling adventurous try pairing it with something savory. Some people at the twitter taste paired it with cheese and even steak and portabella mushrooms. It’s priced at around $15. Serve slightly chilled. A great alternative to port- give it a try.

Oh- and Leslie I am free anytime to participate in another TGTaste with Thirsty Girl!! All you have to do is ask!

Chocolate Shop Wine Tiramisu


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