Side by Side Eye to Eye Cheek to Cheek- Happy Valentine’s Day Honey!

Does this look like a bubbly, pink kind of guy? No? I didn’t think so. And yet he is a lover of Moscato Rose. The other day he admitted he had finally found his wine. Why am I not surprised? This is the same guy that orders those frou frou girly drinks at the bar and when the bartender brings our order he invariably brings me George’s drink. They always assume he is the one that ordered straight up or rocks.

Yup, pink, bubbly, on the sweet side…honey you need to go deeper red, fruitier, jammier, more plummier, chocolatey, spicey, peppery, tobaccoey..

There is a whole world of more intense wine out there. No offense Moscato but I prefer a port with my dessert. Or a little Sambuca in my espresso. Oh, right honey, you drink cappuccino!

I love lobster, crabs and ribs and all those eat with your hands kind of foods. The messier the better. George, not so much. The only food he will eat with his hands is a sandwich. He did turn me on to raw clams but I turned him on to oysters. Much better. Plumper. Sweeter. Not so chewy. He actually will eat ribs occasionally now. With a knife and fork. Who knew he was so persnickety. Could have fooled me. But together we make the best kind of music. We bring out the best of both of us when we are side by side sharing everything. We may not always agree  but we see eye to eye on the big things in life.

When I found George I truly found my other half.

So – I will drink Moscato with you on occasion and I know that sometimes you will get your hands dirty for me. This Valentine’s Day we will be having lobsters and Moscato and dancing cheek to cheek.

I love you honey!


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Hi- My name is Faith Brickel. I hope you will take the journey with me as I explore things wine and food related. Let's celebrate life together!!
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2 Responses to Side by Side Eye to Eye Cheek to Cheek- Happy Valentine’s Day Honey!

  1. Donna & Jeff says:

    AWWW, we LOVE you guys, and especially love having dinner and a couple of glasses of wine with you both. Have a happy Valentine’s Day and let’s get together soon!! XOXO

  2. Hello and happy V-day from a fellow oenophile!
    Cin cin,
    Natasha @ Come Due Maiali

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