A Couple of Thirsty Girls at the New York Winter Wine Festival!

Winter Wine Festival 2012

I was fortunate enough to get two tickets to the Winter Wine Festival in NYC. My sister came up from Virginia to join in the festivities. It looked to be a fun day spending a little quality wine drinking ( oh sorry, I meant to say tasting ) time with a sister that I don’t get to see too often, a sister who was and is my best friend in life. When we do get together it is invariably a day that we have to share with other family. We don’t often get time alone. So it promised to be an awesome day and  I was really looking forward to meeting all the Thirsty Girls in person. I was especially looking forward to meeting Head Thirsty Girl Leslie Sbrocco.

Saturday at the Winter Wine Festival was a little hectic and crazy. I had the opportunity to meet Leslie after her first Wine Seminar.

My first impression of Leslie Sbrocco was a hug!  And that was before I introduced myself.  And then I received another hug! Turns out Leslie is a huge hugger.

Leslie Sbrocco is a warm and bubbly woman who has the ability to turn you into an instant friend. And that is just what she did with the attendees of her seminar. It is no wonder that her vision of thirstiness for life, food, wine and friendship has resonated so deeply with all who meet her. Everyone wanted to be on the receiving end of a Leslie hug and take a picture with her and gab some more and sign up to become a Thirsty Girl or Thirsty Guy! Leslie Sbrocco

We tried to sneak in a few minutes for our chat. She is very gracious and even though we were in the middle of a meeting room full of people coming and going and staff replenishing wine glasses and wine for the next seminar she managed to make me feel as though we were in her very own living room. Raised in Chicago, she is a Midwest girl at heart. When she moved out to Sonoma, where she is based now, she found the wine life. In the process of learning about wine she became a wine columnist, author, wine speaker and media personality. She was recently voted one of the 100 most influential people in the wine business. It is no surprise that with her friendly and down to earth personality she is a welcome guest everywhere she goes.

Her vision for Thirsty Girl is to expand the concept to local chapters and continue sharing her love of wine and life with like minded new and old friends.

Favorite wine- anything pink and bubbly!

Favorite place – Italy!

Favorite thing- loving life!

Our few moments were over too quickly and I left Leslie to her next class. I went to meet the other Thirsty Girls!

I rejoined my sister at the wine tasting booths. We snacked on the wonderful hors d’oevres and listened to some great jazz from the band Four80East. It felt like a giant party!

We stopped at the Thirsty Girl booths. We tasted the wines they were offering and found some new favorites. Can’t wait to take part in the TGTaste of Chocolate Shop Wine on Twitter. They were offering tastes at the booth but I thought I would wait for the Twitter Event on February 15. You can take part in this too. http://thirstygirl.com/2012/02/1st-tgtaste-of-the-year-february-15th/

They made a convert of my sister who happily showed off her Thirsty Girl wine topper.



Cara, Leslie and me

I got to meet Cara of Champagne Diet and Champagne Diaries fame. Now here is a Thirsty Girl who knows how to enjoy life. You can check her out on her website- thechampagnediet.com. She had fun meeting, greeting and tweeting at the Wine Fest.

And me? Well I had a great day enjoying some wine and sharing some girl time with my sister.

Thanks Leslie for taking some time out to talk to me.

And thank you Thirsty Girls! You rock!


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  1. Rebel Red says:

    i wish i’d known you were there Faith! i was there too!

  2. mwc says:

    Faith is sincere that it was a very nice time and I enjoyed meeting the Thirsty Girls. While she met with Leslie, I was left to discover wines on my own, which was OK with me – drinking wine is something I sooo like to do. And although distance separates us on a daily basis, nothing feels better than being with my sister, my friend. I would do it again in a heartbeat. XOXO

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