This Thirsty Girl Has Got Wine On My Mind!

This has been a life changing year for me. I had the opportunity to make my passion my life work! Not many people get to say that and I consider myself very blessed. I love food and wine and have welcomed the opportunity to create a website for wine accessories and gifts and a blog where I can share my thoughts on all the things I love- wine, food and family and not necessarily in that order. The blog has been a work in progress as I found my voice. I did my research at the beginning of this journey in the wine loving industry and fell in love with the Thirsty Girl concept. I am a Thirsty Girl! Thirsty for life and fun and adventure and a firm believer in the old adages ” You are only as old as you feel”, ” it ain’t over til it’s over ” and ” life is an open road- there are no dead ends”. Yes! I am a Thirsty Girl!!

So I was thrilled to get an email from  Thirsty Girl Kimberly asking if I would want to do an interview for the blog with Leslie Sbrocco – Head Thirsty Girl- at the Winter Wine Festival in NYC on February4. Would I want to????? Absolutely!!!!Excited, awed, woohoo!!!just a few of the things that popped into my head!

If you are not familiar with Thirsty Girl you should know that-
Thirsty Girl is a vibrant community of women who thirst for fun and fulfillment. With a shared passion for food, wine, and travel this rapidly expanding group connects with one another through live events, local chapters, the Thirsty Girl website, award-winning TGTV video series, and active social media outlets such as Facebook and Twitter (@beathirstygirl).

Thirsty Girl was founded by nationally known wine author, award-winning TV host and self-proclaimed “Head Thirsty Girl” Leslie Sbrocco. As a celebrated wine expert, Leslie has spent the last decade getting paid to travel, drink and eat her way around the world. (Can you say “dream job?) On her journey she discovered there are tons of “Thirsty Girls” around the world, so why not bring them together to talk about what their passion in life is,– be it their family, career, charity work or simply finding the perfect Chardonnay…and make some new friends along the way.   So she and her long time business partner Gail Spangler started, “Thirsty Girl.” Find out more about Thirsty Girl on their website at

If you are a life enthusiast with a passion for wine then you may well be a Thirsty Girl!

P.S. There is room for Thirsty Guys, too!!

I plan on having some fun at the NYC Winter Wine Festival. I checked out the pictures from last year’s event.

Thirsty Girl is a featured sponsor of the New York City Winter Wine Fest.  Guests will have a chance to sign up to become a free member of Thirsty Girl and meet wine author and tv host Leslie Sbrocco, founder of Thirsty Girl, and frequent Today Show guest. Attendees can also indulge in an exclusive tasting of special wines in a VIP Wine Classes led by Leslie in afternoon and evening sessions. Please see the New York City Winter Wine Fest website for additional details and ticket information.

I am very much looking forward to attending this year’s event because this Thirsty Girl has Wine On My Mind!  I’ll be taking some pictures of my own to share with you when I blog about my interview with Leslie Sbrocco. Maybe I can even get Leslie to pose with the Wine On My Mind banner.

February 4, 2012 cannot come soon enough!!


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  1. great post! look so forward to meeting you on the 4th. cheers, leslie sbrocco

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