I Love Wine But…

I love wine but lately I’ve developed a huge affection for bourbon, Wild Turkey and Wild Turkey American Honey in particular. So when I saw this recipe for Bourbon Balls and saw that it included two of my favorite ingredients- chocolate and bourbon- I knew I would have to try my hand at these. Only trouble I could see was that the recipe made 48 of these little guys and that was too much temptation for me. No need to have four dozen of these things just laying around the house asking to be devoured. Way too much temptation!!!

I was on the phone last night with my daughter, the pastry chef, and I was telling her about the bourbon balls and my dilemma. She suggested I halve the recipe. Brilliant! Now I know where my college dollars went. My problem would be to do the math and figure out how to halve it and still have it come out right. Baking is science and chemistry. It’s not exactly like cooking where if you have to halve the recipe you can just lose the two extra chicken breasts or only make meatballs with one pound of chopped meat. Science and chemistry and math- subjects I am not good at. When we were learning all that math and science in school and I wondered why we needed to know it because I could never imagine actually using math or science in real life, well – now I know it was so I could halve the Bourbon Ball recipe and have it come out edible. I told my daughter I didn’t think I could do the math and you know what her advice was? Follow the recipe and if it said 1/3 of a cup of something fill the cup 1/3 of the way and then only use half of that. What?????!!!!! Was she kidding?? This is what she learned at CIA?? She must have missed the class on recipe halving. Now I knew I was on my own!

Well it turns out I am not completely math impaired. I was able to figure out the correct measurements without eyeballing it.

I ground the pecans. I mixed the dry ingredients together.

I melted the chocolate and then added the bourbon and corn syrup.

Next I added the wet to the dry ingredients.

And mixed them together and then put them in the fridge for 30 minutes to chill.

And took the dog for a walk.

Thirty minutes later I took the mixture out of the fridge. I rolled the chocolate into pieces the size of grapes and then rolled those into the granulated sugar. Gorgeous! and delicious! and easy!!!!!

This was an impressive dessert that was so simple to put together. I put them in a tin to hide them from George until Christmas.

Here is the link for the recipe.


The only thing I will add to this is to pick up those little paper cups to put these in once you make them. It was not in the list of ingredients and I realized at the last minute I would need them and had to run out to look for them.


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