A Day in the City with My Mother and Daughter!!

Yesterday I took a trip into New York City with my mother. First we drove into Long Island City to meet my daughter and then we took a car service into Manhattan. We went to see the Elizabeth Taylor Collection at Christie’s in Rockefeller Center.  If you haven’t heard about it,  this is an exhibit of Elizabeth Taylor’s jewelry, clothing, handbags and memorabilia. The items in the exhibit will be on auction shortly. The proceeds go to Elizabeth Taylor AIDS foundation and her estate.

My mother is a tough one. She finds fault with most things. The thought of an entire day with her was stressing me out. She is 81 now and has a hard time with balance and walking so I knew the day would be long and difficult but she was determined to see La Liz jewels!!

The exhibit was truly breathtaking. The crowd was mostly women of a certain age. My daughter was probably one of the younger ones there. But she is a fashionista and lover of all things glittery so this exhibit was right up her alley.

We were transfixed by the gorgeous clothing. The fabrics, the detailing, the sequins and stones. Versace, Valentino, Balenciaga, Chanel, Yves St. Laurent, Dior and more…and the real draw -the iconic jewels from all the big design houses. One was called the Granny collection. My mother loved the idea of this one. Two hundred handbags…even her Louis Vuitton luggage with scuff marks from usage. You can just imagine her traveling with the ten pieces of luggage packed with all her finery. Gifts from her husbands and other celebrities. Who doesn’t remember her with those fabulous head dresses and the statement jewels. Dresses worn to openings and awards ceremonies. It was fabulous and moving. And it was like a giant girlfriend party. All the women eagerly sharing thoughts and memories of the jewels and clothes and the larger than life star.

I would gladly share pictures but Christie’s doesn’t allow cameras or video. Emily did take some surreptitiously with her cell phone.

Afterwards we stopped in Rockefeller Center to see the tree and skating rink. In a true New York moment a woman got down on one knee in the rink to propose to another woman. She accepted and the crowd cheered. A man skated out with a bouquet of flowers for the newly engaged and they took a celebratory spin around the ice.

Another couple posed for wedding pictures in front of the tree and the Salvation Army guy was dancing around to some music while the aroma of chestnuts roasting was in the air. Really and truly. Chestnuts were roasting!!

We took a short walk and looked at some Christmas windows. Saks Fifth Avenue and Cartier.

We tried to find a place to eat. My mother is a difficult and picky eater although as she says she ” goes with the flow” as long as that flow involves what she deems acceptable. We finally settled on The Fig and the Olive.

And no mom, there is no egg salad or tuna fish on this menu!

We had the branzino and a glass of a wonderful rose. By the way they have a great wine list here. Water only for mom. She has never had a drop of alcohol or caffeine ( except for the caffeine found in her favorite food group- chocolate ) cross those lips in 81 years. She is going for a record. How I got to be her daughter… well, that is a whole other blog!!

The wine was a mourvedre/ grenache. Domaine l’Alycastre. It was crisp and dry with lots of strawberry. Gorgeous!  I will definitely be looking for this one to buy for home.

Dessert was from the tasting menu. Creme brulee cheesecake and chocolate pots de creme. Yum! Not enough chocolate in the pot de creme for my mother.

The drive home was long and tiring. We got stuck in rush hour traffic.I was hoping one of us would put our head down and nap. When I finally got my mother home I got a rare hug and an even rarer ” I love you”. That made the whole day worth it!!  And when I got back to my house my replacement Le Creuset sautee pan was waiting for me. It had arrived via UPS. They even matched the color of the original pan. Amazing!! You rock, Le Creuset!!

Mickey was excited to see me. George was dozing off in his man cave. Ah life. What a perfect day!!



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