Balls to Rice Balls!!

I was looking for something to blog about this week when I came across the recipe for arancine, better known as rice balls. Ah, I thought, perfect! I can satisfy my itch for these treats while doing something constructive!
I gathered together the ingredients for the basic rice ball and thought I would add some prociutto and peas as well. You know, dress it up a bit!!

The rice was easy enough as were the peas and prosciutto. I read through the recipe, did some mis en place. So far so good.

My gorgeous new Le Creuset pan! Isn’t it  beautiful?

I added the Parmesan and the egg yolk mixture to the rice and let it cool completely as directed.

This is where I began to feel like Lucy on that assembly line, in other words, it wasn’t going well.

I put a palm sized ball of rice in my hand and flattened it and this is where the problems began. I added the mozzarella and pea and prosciutto mixture to the rice mixture and tried to shape the entire thing into a ball. PROBLEM! The mozzarella , peas and prosciutto kept sliding out of the ball and escaping into the bowl. I tried adding more rice… Not so good.
I tried pushing the escapees back into the rice ball. I tried it faster, slower, nothing helped. I made the rice balls as best I could and then my problems escalated.
Rolling the balls around in the flour was not too bad. Then came the egg yolk bath. Not good. Not pretty. No. The balls sort of came apart. Eugh. So I tried shaping them back into balls and then throwing them into the bread crumbs and instead of rolling them in the bread crumbs I threw the crumbs onto the balls and them turned them very gingerly and threw more bread crumbs on them and then very carefully put them on a rack to rest.

At this point having had enough and stopping myself short of throwing the rice balls against the wall I decided to take Mickey out for a walk.
Twenty minutes later I returned and fortified myself with a well deserved glass of wine before continuing the messy misadventure.

I took out the garbage, I emptied the dishwasher. I fed the dog. I did everything I could to prolong the frying of the rice balls.

Did you know rice explodes, sort of like corn does??

Yes. And that is all I will say about that!

Balls fried. Mission finally accomplished. I took a taste and … they were delicious! Amazing!

I will never make these again but if you like you can try your hand at them. I was  hoping to serve them at Christmas as an appetizer. That is not happening. I have new respect for the rice ball maker at the Italian deli.

Dinner is served!

That 337 Cabernet is just as excellent as Rachel and James said it was.

A great sipper or pair with arancine, meatballs and salad.

Under $20

Here is the link for the recipe.


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