My 30 Year Affair With ….. Le Creuset

It began just before my first marriage. My mother offered to get me some cookware. I was a novice cook but I did some research and found Le Creuset. We went to Macy’s and picked out two French ovens, one large, one small and a saute pan.

I have always had a small but utilitarian kitchen. I have the tools I need for the job and I believe I turn out some good food. I love cooking! I have used the saute pan nearly every day for thirty years. I love that pan. We have learned to cook together. We have loved food together. Other pans have come and gone but Le Creuset has remained as my faithful companion.  We have been a very happy couple for 30 years.  We have lasted way longer than that first marriage!!

And now, this Sunday night, the eve of that cooking marathon known as Thanksgiving week, my beloved saute pan has failed me. The handle, loose for awhile, came off as I was frying up leftover pasta. I managed to finish the meal even though I was distraught. Even though the pan was broken it still turned out a first rate left over pasta dinner. Yum! Crusty and golden brown…delicious and a great last supper and a testament to the wonderfulness of that pan.

And now I have to frantically try to replace this beloved pan literally overnight. My daughter and her boyfriend, both chefs, have assured me that Le Creuset offers a lifetime warranty. Impressive and an offer I will try to have them make good on but still… on this Thanksgiving week eve I need to replace my pan of thirty years.

I am distraught. George is laughing at me even as I try to explain my sorrow. He simply doesn’t get it. Thirty years!!! A lifetime of memories! I am as sad as when my beloved mixer, a hand me down from the grandmother-in-law of that same first marriage, a Dormeyer silver chef model 4300, broke. I tried to have the blades of the mixer beaters welded. It worked for awhile and then… it too was gone. It was a workhorse from the 1950’s and lasted for a long time. Probably way longer than the manufacturer ever expected. I replaced it with a Kitchen Aid but that mixer still holds a special place in my heart. It was actually part of my divorce settlement. I fought for that mixer and won.

So it is with a heavy heart that I have to shop this week for a replacement saute pan. Some might be eager to update their kitchen tools. Me, I am a simple and old fashioned cook. I love the pots and pans I have and am very happy with them. I don’t need an updated version. I don’t want to be back in the market. I was happy with my old friends.

I will contact Le Creuset for the replacement and share my story with them. And I will go to Williams-Sonoma today and find another pan.

My gorgeous new saute pan and a little something else I picked up!!

The women at Williams-
Sonoma were so nice and helpful.  Thanks ladies!!




Update: Le Creuset will replace my pan- after 30 years – wow!! Le Creuset rocks!!


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