Big Daddy’s

Last night we went to Big Daddy’s in Massapequa, NY. I was craving their gumbo. Big Daddy’s is a little place with big heart just north of the Long Island Rail Road tracks in Massapequa. I love this place. It not only puts some South in your mouth it puts some hot in your mouth!! No kidding, my eyeballs were sweating! I love that heat!!

First order of business was a drink. My favorite here is the Lynchburg Lemonade. Bourbon and lemonade. What could be bad? Perfect starter for all that good food to come. They have lots of other interesting drink mixes but this one is my favorite. They make great Hurricanes by the way!

The atmosphere is kind of a funky mix of Mardi Gras meets Voodoo Alley. Lots of beads and cool lighting. They have music on Fridays and Sundays and they mean it when they say :

“Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler”

We ordered oysters. I can never resist oysters when I see them. These came with Big Daddy’s HOT sauce!

Then we had the hush puppies. These had a creamy spicy roasted red pepper butter to eat them with.

And we saved the gumbo for our main course. We got the bowl of gumbo. A steaming, spicy bowl of goodness. Oh I love that gumbo!

I had a little left over and took it home to eat for breakfast. Yes, I am guilty of eating leftovers for breakfast. It’s not just eggs and toast you know. I believe that leftovers are the real breakfast of champions.

I always want to try making gumbo at home but I am intimidated by roux. I am afraid of burning it! And it always seems so complicated- so many ingredients! I’d rather go to Big Daddy’s when I get the craving.

They do have dessert and I am tempted by the praline creme brulee but too stuffed to order it.

Big Daddy’s is THE place for spicy Southern food and great atmosphere.

Check it out next time you are on Long Island!


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