Oysterfest and an Epiphany- I Don’t Like the Actual Festival Part of a Festival!

I really love the Oysterfest. We always have a great time. So when I told George  that I wanted to get a blog out of it and suggested that we actually eat oysters this time, he expressed surprise. He didn’t know they actually had oysters at the Oysterfest ( not sure why he thought it was called the Oyster Festival) but said he was willing to walk down to the park where the oyster and food tents were located. As long as we didn’t have to walk too far or navigate through too many crowds. I promised him that if it got too crazy we wouldn’t.

Normally we walk a block or two at the top of the street and it gets crowded and we say ” let’s get a drink”. And that’s the extent of our Oyster Festivities!

We always go by bike so we don’t have to look too hard for a parking spot or worse have to park at a distance and take the mini bus into town. You can see that we are Festival experts!

No – that’s not our bike but I loved the look of this one- it’s one cool Indian!

This is about the spot where we always give up and head back a block to the Homestead Bar where we plant ourselves for the remainder of the afternoon.

But this year we kept on going.

Not our bike either but I really loved this one too!!

One cigar later and we still hadn’t gotten close to any oysters.

The lines were ridiculous and so were the bees! Everyone looked to be enjoying the seafood but we just couldn’t wait on those long lines. I cut ahead to get some pictures.

We were getting hungrier and hungrier!

We looked at one another and both said at the same time – this is not worth the wait. We could eat this at home and enjoy it more! I could go to Jordan’s Lobster Farm and buy lobsters and clams and oysters and pig out at home much more comfortably! Let me just say here that hundreds of people WERE enjoying the festival and didn’t mind the long lines!!

Well looks like the Homestead it is! I settled for some fried oysters there.

A band we love was playing – Uppercut rocks! The crowd was wonderful! We drank, we danced and we were loving the Oysterfest! And we realized we just don’t love the actual festival!


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