Cooking For The Holidays Can Affect Your Blood Pressure Level!!

I cook for the holidays. ALL holidays. that’s right.. Jewish, Christian, American…it doesn’t matter,  I cook!! I must be a glutton for punishment.

My mother used to do the cooking for the Jewish holidays. Her idea of cooking was to buy the food already prepared and reheat it, barely! Her technical abilities are limited. Even reheating seems to challenge them. My dad would always compliment her and say she outdid herself !!! We would giggle in the background as we passed around the cold in the middle food.

When my dad passed away my mother gladly turned over the cooking reigns to me. I love to cook and I love food. I think I must have been adopted!

The week of Easter and Passover is especially tough as I juggle between the Seven Fishes and the questionable Gefilte fish which I am quite does NOT qualify as a fish.

I love to cook even as I anticipate the family dynamics that I know are coming. And as I try to make peace with my zeal for experimentation and their need for eating the same exact meal every time I wonder why I am putting myself through this. I know what is coming- is that onion in this dish? Garlic? is there gluten in that dish? is it low fat? low salt?  Yes. Yes.  No and definitely not no, no!

So today I did the shopping. Tomorrow I begin the cooking. The cookfest begins with the traditional opening ceremony of the opening of the wine. This involves opening a bottle and pouring a BIG glass. It gets the creative juices flowing and lowers the blood pressure slightly. All good!! On Thanksgiving, when my sister and I cook together,  the opening ceremony begins early; usually around 10AM.

This year I am passing on the brisket and making short ribs. I know I will hear about this!!

Is there anymore wine left in that bottle?


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