It’s Almost Fall – Time for Meatballs and Cabernet

I have been craving meatballs for a few weeks now. The weather has been just a bit too warm to make it. Last night seemed the perfect time.

I ground up some white bread and added grated cheese, parsley, salt and pepper. I added this to a couple of eggs and some ground beef, pork and veal. Time to make the meatballs!

I cheated a bit and used jarred sauce – I love Rao’s– and added some garlic cloves and wine just to spice it up a bit. I also added more salt and lots of fresh ground pepper.. I heated this up and began frying the meatballs.

George likes his dry so I kept some on the side and added the rest to the sauce.

I poured out the oil and deglazed the pan with some more wine!!

and then added this delicious mix of browned meat, drippings  and wine to the sauce. Yum!! I did steal a few browned bits to eat while I was pouring it into the sauce. I can’t help it if a few got stuck in the pan. It’s the cook’s prerogative! One of the reasons I love cooking!! Sometimes I throw in a little frozen chopped spinach to the sauce.  Today I just added some fresh basil.

I let this simmer for awhile and poured a glass of Pugliese Vineyards Cabernet Franc 2007.

Love this wine and it is so good with pasta and sauce. It also makes a nice sipper. A little lighter than cabernet sauvignon, it is earthy and smokey and peppery with lots of good cherry flavor. I love the painted bottle. Best is that it is priced at just under $15.



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