Pop’s Seafood Shack

It was my birthday and the middle of a tough week and a tough month. The weather that afternoon was so lovely. We decided an outdoor venue would be fun. It seemed like the perfect night to try out a place that we had been hearing the buzz about all summer, Pop’s Seafood Shack in Island Park, NY. In the past we had been frequent visitors to the Off-Key Tiki Bar in Patchogue, a place we have loved.  Pop’s is so much closer. Both bars are very laid back and casual eateries and both feature palm trees and sandy ” beach” areas where you can hang out and enjoy the food, drinks and music.

So with the thought of a relaxing vacation feel evening we headed out for dinner in Paradise–Pop’s.

It’s the new kid on the block but wow have they made a hit with a crowd that covered all ages. At night there are lines to get in and the age of the crowd drops somewhat.

We went back a second time on a Friday night with George’s daughter. There was a two and a half hour wait for a table. Needless to say we had a drink and left to get some clams at Bigelow’s. But that’s a whole other blog.

Love the tshirts by the way!!! Great graphics.

First off we ordered some drinks. George had a beer and I ordered a no name Chardonnay that was pretty decent. Cheers!!

The menu is pretty extensive and has a very broad mix of things. There is the usual bar fare, raw bar and cooked seafood selections. Big influence is the seafood but you can also get steak, chicken and ribs. I really had a hard time selecting my meal and that’s a great thing.

I kept looking at what the wait staff was bringing out to other diners and everything looked delicious. Next time I would definitely try the big pot of mussels offered in a variety of sauces with a few big chunks of very crusty bread. Great bang for the buck!!

For an appetizer we had the oysters. I can never resist oysters and these were very fresh, tender and juicy.

We went for the more ordinary fare. George had the Chicago Hotdog. This is a dog that my newly transported daughter has been raving about from her new hometown of .. you guessed it.. Chicago. It’s the dog with everything and really was pretty spectacular. Of course I had to have a taste. Many flavors exploded in our mouths. It sounds like a lot of things thrown together haphazardly but it all works well together.

I got the Butcher Block Burger. It was delicious and I especially enjoyed the tater tots!!

After dinner we hung around for awhile and checked out the place.

You can eat indoors if you like and there is also an indoor bar. But the attraction here is the beach feel and there are plenty of seating areas to enjoy that.

Next time you are in the mood to get away check out Pop’s Seafood Shack.



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