Hurricane Irene and Wolffer Rose

The hurricane was expected to arrive sometime late Saturday night. I was frantically trying to stock up on non perishables and D batteries. I was a day too late.

I don’t believe there was a D battery anywhere on Long Island.

After I thought I had all the necessities George made me go out again because he said I didn’t get any of the important stuff. How could we be expected to ride out the storm without an adequate supply of cookies and chips and bread?

Mickey stood guard over the water while I ran out for those essentials.

My mother and my girlfriend and her mother were soon to be evacuees and I was hosting them for the duration of the storm. I was trying to decide what to cook for our “maybe the last hot meal for awhile” dinner.

I decided on chicken cutlets and gnocchi with some fresh asparagus and corn.

The wine I poured was 2010 Wolffer Rose. I love this wine and have enjoyed several bottles of it already. It is a delight with plenty of peach and pear on the nose.  It is crisp and clean and has a wonderful mineral finish. It is very dry.  I love the color of this wine. It is such a pale gorgeous rose. It’s a great sipping wine and it pairs well with chicken, fish. grilled meats and hurricanes!!! My girlfriend and her mother loved it.

It is priced at around $16 and is well worth it.

We had a great dinner and luckily we never lost power.

Sunday afternoon all my evacuees were cleared to go home. I straightened up, took Mickey for a well deserved walk to check out the neighborhood and then came home and poured myself another glass of that Rose!


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  1. Donna says:

    How does one face a hurricane without M & M’s!! I agree with George!

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