Some dinner and a little Albarino

The best way to get George to try a new wine is to make a nice dinner. I planned on tasting some Albarino and thought I would make some fish to go with it. Generally speaking if it’s breaded and fried George will like it, so with that in mind I made this dish.

I like using Panko. It makes things so much crunchier. Crunchy is good.

I fried up the fish and then made some plum salsa to go with it. This came out so good and even George liked it. You could use it on chicken and pork chops too.

I had to fudge a little on the ingredients because I didn’t have fresh ginger or jalepenos. I used ground ginger and some red pepper flakes. It came out good but next time I will make it with the real ingredients!!

I sauteed some zucchini in a little butter and oil.

Now for the good stuff!

We tasted two wines. Dom Bardo Albarino priced at under $15 and Nora de Neve Albarino priced at a bit more than I would usually spend at $24.

The Dom Bardo had notes of citrus and pear. It had a clean finish that was really good with this meal.

Nora de Neve was a little creamier and had more melon.

I liked them both. George preferred the Nora de Neve.

Here is the recipe for the plum salsa. It’s a keeper and very easy to make.


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