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Rose seems to be the buzz word this summer. It seems everyday I see a new article about Rose wines. In the liquor store there seem to be more and more square footage dedicated to these wines. I have admittedly been stuck on the fact that the color is reminiscent of the white zin I drank in my novice wine drinking days and so I expect these wines to have that same level of sweetness I no longer care for. I have turned my nose up at Rose and have not given these wines a fair chance. I did a little taste test earlier this spring and while the wines I tasted were nice I had not bought anymore Rose for my home since then. But ever open minded and with the hot July days upon us I thought that maybe we should try it again.  So I journeyed down to Stew Leonards in Farmingdale, NY. This is a veritable supermarket for wine. So much wine, so little time and such a small wagon. I just knew I would have to make many more trips to this playground!! And I most definitely will return to this store. They had wines I have a hard time finding anywhere else. They are very knowledgeable and helpful here as well.

It’s a fun place to hang out and explore. I love their huge selection of Long Island wines.

I looked around, read their sign suggestions and chose four bottles of Rose to taste.

So while the bottles were chilling I realized it might be good to taste them with some food-  a little cooking was in order. A short trip to the fish market later and we had a beautiful piece of salmon to grill for dinner. I added some orzo, threw in a little of this and a little of that- corn, tomatoes, onion, bacon , some fresh basil from the garden and of course–some wine.

Now the pour! Four bottles- Chateau Beaulieu Rose Provence 2010, Serranobile Nebbiarosa 2010, Terre di Talamo Piano Piano 2010 and Valdelosfrailes Rose 2010. All four under $15.00

Here goes: The Nebbiarosa had loads of strawberry and a crisp, clean medium finish. The Piano Piano has a glass cork which is kind of cool and different. It tasted of strawberries and had a finish that reminded me of cream soda. Nice and light! George preferred this one. The Valdelosfrailes  had lots of strawberry and a long finish. Last was the Chateau Beaulieu and I loved the shape of this bottle. This is a blend of grenache, cabernet and syrah. It was the lightest in color of the four. Crisp, dry and refreshing. Loads of strawberry. This one was my favorite.

Overall strawberry seems to be the most prevailing taste in these wines. All were light and refreshing. I preferred the driest of them. I acknowledge that they are a great hot weather alternative to red or white wine. I am a fan. I see how nice they can be. I still prefer the deeper jammier taste of red wine but I will add them to my cart the next time I go wine shopping! And next time I will throw in some Long Island Roses!


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