Farewell Dinner Lobster Fest!!

Well my daughter and her boyfriend are leaving for Chicago tomorrow. Much animal drama!! Dogs having allergic reactions! Cats getting into bad things!!Cats and dogs trying to play/ keep their distance. Otis definitely let Mickey have it a time or too! But it was a week well spent and we have all enjoyed one other’s company. Today is James’ Birthday and that is a whole other blog but last night we did the lobster feast fest!!

James and I went lobster shopping at the perennial favorite Jordan‘s Lobster Farm in Island Park, NY. This is such a fish lover fantasy come true.

This place has been a fish market staple of mine for years. Christmas and the Seven fishes, Valentine’s Day, birthdays and all kinds of celebrations- we do the seafood/ lobster thing and this is definitely the place to come. Lobster is fresh and I just love going into the back of the market where the lobster tanks are and picking out dinner. This is as close as I come to foraging for a meal!!

You can buy fresh fish to bring home and cook. They will steam  lobster for you there or you can bring them home to steam yourself. You can walk up to the takeout window and  buy food to eat outside on their deck. They make a great lobster roll!

James had an encounter of the third kind!!


We chose to bring the lobsters home! Five two-pounders, lots of butter, cider vinegar, salad and corn! We grilled watermelon and peaches for dessert!


We opened the bottle of Elizabeth Spencer Chardonnay that Rachel and James shipped home from California. This is an amazing wine. Loads of fresh peach, lemon and apple! A little oak – not too much. I don’t really love an oaky chardonnay. Crisp and refreshing. It was wonderful with the lobster!!!


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