Oysters, Clams and more!!

One of my favorite things is eating at one of the dozen or so clam shacks that dot the South Shore of Long Island. There is nothing better than sitting at a picnic table outdoors and eating the freshest of seafood. No condiments save for a bit of seafood sauce mixed up with horseradish and maybe a lemon or two to squeeze over it. But really fresh seafood needs nothing more.  Some nights there are soft shell crabs breaded  and fried to perfection. You can sit and savor the seafood and smell the ocean.  I am fortunate to live near several of these places. Nothing fancy, no crazy wine list or exotic mixed drinks menu. The choices are beer and in some places wine. Generic wine- pick your poison- red, white or rose served in a plastic tumbler. Somehow the most expensive wines don’t taste any better than these served al fresco and enjoyed on a summer’s evening or for lunch.

A few weeks ago  we had raw oysters on the half shell for an appetizer and lobster rolls for dinner. Some nights you might have to fight off the gnats but it will be well worth it.  Lunch on the other hand is generally bug free.

One of my true favorites is Crabby Amy’s Crab Shack in Seaford, NY. We joined several other families enjoying Father’s Day together. We feasted on raw clams and oysters and soft shell crabs. If you are not a seafood lover you can get burgers, fries and more. But the real prize here is the seafood.  My favorite are the oysters, sweet, juicy, redolent of the ocean and oh so tender. Your best bet is the generic Chardonnay or an ice cold beer.

After brunch we left the kids and went down to the Nautical Mile in Freeport for some music and drinks.

The classic here is Otto’s Sea Grill but there are many more choices for food and drinks and music. New places appear every season.

So that was how we spent our Sunday. Summer is finally here. I hope to enjoy many more days like this one.

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Hi- My name is Faith Brickel. I hope you will take the journey with me as I explore things wine and food related. Let's celebrate life together!!
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