Rachel and James Are Coming Home

Sometime about a year and a half ago my daughter, Rachel, and her boyfriend, James, left for California and the Napa Valley. They went in search of wonderful food and good wine and the opportunity to work with the finest chefs. They sent me a bottle of wine from William Cole, Cabernet Sauvignon Cuvee Claire 2006, with the admonition to save it for a special occasion. I very rarely save wine. I drink wine! So with a bit of reluctance I put it away and waited for a special occasion. Well after a year and a half they are finally coming home. In fact they are somewhere on the road, east of Arizona. Traveling with a cat that is healing from a recent bout with a bladder issue in a car packed as minimally as possible, they plan on arriving sometime early next week. I am eagerly following their road trip with daily mile marker updates.

I simply can’t wait. They will stay for a week before heading to their new digs in Chicago and the chance to work the restaurant scene there. I think their arrival merits the special occasion wine I have saved. I took it out this morning and left it on the counter as a reminder of their homecoming. I can’t wait to crack it open and share it with them while we catch up.

Looking forward to giving my daughter a big long hug.



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