Making Risotto Is A Labor Of Love

Risotto takes time and attention. You have to watch it every minute. You have to keep stirring, stirring, stirring…The best way to do that is to pour a big glass of wine so that you can hang out by the stove and not be annoyed that you have to hang out by the stove for a half hour or more. But the end result is a wonderful comfort food that I just love. So today I made seafood risotto with scallops and shrimp and some stewed tomatoes with lots of garlic and wine. We are going to be drinking Jamesport Chardonnay from the North Fork of Long Island. Yay Long Island wine!!

So wine is chilling and dinner is cooking- all is right with the world.

I tried to follow the recipe but again I added and changed a bit. I didn’t have any shallots so I used an onion instead. I added some fresh spinach to the risotto to pretty it up a bit and also sautéed some on the side with some garlic and oil. Of course according to George I ruin the food by adding green things to it. But I just can’t help myself. I truly am a vegie lover. Sorry George. We can’t always eat hot dogs!

I paired this lovely Chardonnay with dinner. Jamesport Vineyard Chardonnay East End Series. Part of the proceeds from the sale of this wine go to the SPAT program. ( Southold project in Aquaculture Training ) The program teaches residents how to raise their own shellfish in the bays of the East End of Long Island. This wine is a medium bodied chardonnay with a mineral finish. It has notes of peach and melon. It is a very refreshing and it tasted great with the risotto. At under $ 20.00 it was a terrific buy.

George cleaned up and put the leftovers in the fridge. The only thing he didn’t cover was the spinach. I think he is trying to tell me something.

Here is the link for the recipe.


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