So tired of meat on the grill…

I thought I’d make these salmon burgers for dinner instead- they have the critical component of bread. Bread is the meal ingredient that makes most things palatable for George. I used a recipe I found on Food Network for Soy Glazed Salmon Burgers with Ginger Lime Aioli. It was pretty easy to follow. I am not usually a recipe follower. Have to admit I chose this recipe because I liked what the writer noted about the ingredients. She said the recipe called for 1 tablespoon and 1 glass of white wine.  The directions were to use the 1 tablespoon of wine in the soy glaze mixture and the glass of wine should be chilled and sipped, saving the remainder for grilling. Ah – I thought here is a girl of my own heart! Perfect! I followed this part of the recipe exactly- well maybe I added more than one glass. I am more of a creative cook and just keep adding ingredients until I get something  I like. I always say – hope you enjoyed it because you will never eat it exactly the same way again.


Soy Glaze

Salmon Burgers

It was a little annoying following step by step and I have to admit I took a few liberties. While I really liked the way it came out, next time I would probably just wing it.

The recipe called for aioli and cucumber to top off the finished burger. I put it together in the kitchen and quickly closed the bun so George would just see the bun and not the aioli and cucumbers.

I made potato salad and tomato corn relish to go with it.

Potato Salad

Tomato Corn Relish

We paired it with a nice Chardonnay.  My favorite right now is Mer Soleil Silver Chardonnay 2008. Under $ 20.00

It’s a clean and crisp white. Unoaked. Very easy drinking.                                                                 


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