It’s Chardonnay Day!

Well, here we go, Tasting Tuesday…

Chardonnay is the name of the game tonight and in honor of that wine tasting I prepared  tilapia stuffed with crabmeat, rice with peas and carrots and grilled corn basted with my new favorite, Wickles Relish. Love that relish and it certainly gives a big hot bang to anything I put it on.

We tasted three different wines and all were priced at under $20.00

First up was Sanford Chardonnay 2008. Priced at $18.99, this was the most expensive of the group. It had a nose of citrus and pineapple. It was a full bodied wine with a mineral finish. Loved this one!  Easily my favorite!  This is a great wine to just sip and enjoy but equally good with seafood and chicken dishes.

Next was St. Francis Chardonnay 2009. Priced at $12.99, this one had an apple and pineapple nose with a citrus and melon finish. It was not too oaky. I really do not like oaky Chardonnays. This one was a keeper. George liked this best!

Last was Bogle Chardonnay 2009. This was the least expensive of the three and priced at $11.99 it was a great buy.  It had an apple and melon nose. It was full bodied with a crisp clean finish. We both liked this one.

Well George is relieved Tasting Tuesday is over and he can go back to grilling a hotdog in peace for dinner tonight. Me, I will grill a steak and enjoy a glass of red! I’ll try to talk him into a salad so he can at least convince us bothhe is eating a somewhat healthy dinner!!

Enjoy 2nd Annual Chardonnay Day tomorrow, Thursday, May 26, 2011!

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