Thoughts on Tap Wine

Originally I had planned a little field trip into NYC to check out tap wine. I had the list of stops planned out. But last night we went to a place in town called Blue Moon, coal oven pizza and Italian comfort food. Friday night always seems a good night for that sort of food, especially after a long work week. We had a seat at the bar while we waited for our table. The place was crazy crowded.  I ordered a glass of the house red and then midway through my glass I happened to notice ( and not sure how I could have missed this since it is quite large ) that there was a new addition to the bar. Tap wine has made it to the local watering hole!!

I quickly asked the bartender his thoughts on tap wine and of course whether I could have a taste. He very generously poured me a glass. When I asked if people were drinking it he shrugged and grinned. Not too many people. He wasn’t sure everyone knew exactly what it was and that it wasn’t a bar decoration. We’ve all seen those oversized bottles of alcohol in bars…

It really was a nice glass of wine. Col Di Sasso,  Cabernet SauvignonSangiovese blend, it tastes of plum and cherry. Fruity and peppery it is an easy to drink wine and is good with pizza and pasta.

Would I drink it as opposed to a wine poured from a bottle?? Only if that particular wine was something I was interested in drinking at the time. What is the draw with tap wine? Well it is eco-friendly and less expensive than regular bottled wine and it stays fresh longer than an open bottle. And right now it is a novelty.


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