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I am an eat at the bar kind of girl. Maybe you are like me. Maybe you are the one who plans Saturday night date night with your husband. You hungrily read restaurant reviews, looking for that fun new place to try. Or maybe you opt for your favorite local hangout where you know the menu and they know your name. For me it’s all of those things. For me it’s not just the food and wine that I long to savor, it’s the experience that food and wine brings, the total experience. It’s the quiet glass of wine poured after work in the peace of your home, power shoes kicked off while you look in the kitchen and try to put together something creative for dinner. It’s the glass poured at the bar while you sit close to your honey and fill each other in on the day. It’s the one shared with friends or family on a Sunday afternoon get together. Maybe you are the one who plans all that. You put together some special food with a carefully selected wine and create a memory; in doing that you search for the right ingredients to create that experience. You think about the wine, food and how to serve it. Maybe you use that special and much loved dish you found to put out some great olives. Maybe it’s in the creative way you use an ordinary piece to serve something in an unusual way. Whatever it is, the wine glasses you use, the serving dishes, candles…it’s an act of love- love of life, love of family, love of friends. I hope you will choose to hang out with me and maybe even become a regular at the website I have created. A place to go where we can share the things we love and the experience of wine.  A place to find the items that spice up your life and enhance your love of wine and food. A place to get inspiration.


About wineonmymind

Hi- My name is Faith Brickel. I hope you will take the journey with me as I explore things wine and food related. Let's celebrate life together!!
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